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This is a list with short descriptions of the top-of-the line features of RadGridView control. Occurs when the DisplayIndex property on one of the columns changes. When the string value is bounded to the GridColumn or the items source is dynamic ,then TextFilters are loaded in AdvancedFilterControl. In CheckBoxFilterControl a list with checkboxes in show FilterElement, you may need to filter out all data which the checkboxes are checked or filter out all data which the checkboxes are unchecked.

A Stats Editor Control which gives the user the ability to view, add, edit and remove the statistics displayed in StatRows. While waiting for the value to arrive, the binding reports the value set on the FallbackValue property, if one is available, or the default value of the binding target property. The StatRow class represents a row that can be used to display statistical results. The default design-time experience will take the developer a very long way in their configuring of a XamDataGrid. Performance can be improved by suppressing routed events that will not be handled. This improves performance due to the overhead incurred with routed events in element hierarchies.

You can customize the FilterPopup size using FilterPopupHeight property by writing style of TargetType as GridFilterControl. In Checkbox Filter, the SelectAll option is not reflected in the filter updates if ImmediateUpdateColumnFilter is true. You can change FilterMode programmatically by using FilterItemsPopulating event.

Apply conditional formatting to highlight values that meet any criteria. The DevExpress WPF Data Grid supports an unlimited number of master detail levels. With our WPF Data Grid, you are free to construct master/detail layouts of any complexity. In my last article, I demonstrated how to use some of the basic columns functionality. In this Hour 6 part of Mastering WPF DataGrid in a Day series, I will cover some of the advanced functionality of DataGrid columns. Download fully functional trial of DotNetBar for WPF now and experience
how easy it is to create professional WPF applications.

Merge header cells, create custom cell merging rules, and set restrictions on how FlexGrid merges cells. Drill into a row of data to show more details inside a collapsible panel. You can display an input form, a child data grid, or anything else within the detail row. Bind one WPF datagrid to another using FlexGrid and create a master-detail scenario. FlexGrid allows you to specify column sizing in code, as well as allow users to resize columns at runtime.

Changing AdvancedFilter type while loading dynamic ItemsSource

You can use this event to change the FilterPredicates, FilterType and FilterBehavior. By default, based on the actual value only filter will be applied. And while opening filter popup, both values will be displayed wpf advanced datagrid like below. To filter the null values, you need to set AllowBlankFilters property as True. If you want to exclude the null values from filter items list, you need to set AllowBlankFilters as False.

wpf advanced datagrid

GridFilterControl is derived from ContentControl and has its own structure. This structure is customized using the properties SfDataGrid.FilterPopupStyle and SfDataGrid.FilterPopupTemplate for all the columns in grid. After filtering, both records having the same OrderDate display value will be displayed in view. If you set ColumnFilter as DisplayText, display value only will be considered for filtering. When you use DataTable as items Source, CaseSensitive button will not be available in Filter popup as DataTable does not support CaseSensitive filtering.

Instead of the default context menu style (shown above), the built-in dialog control can be used for a different look/behavior (shown below). A third option is to provide a custom look to the context menu. Occurs every time the mouse position changes while the user drags a column header. Gets https://traderoom.info/ or sets the standard width and sizing mode of columns and headers in the DataGrid. Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the user can adjust the height of rows by using the mouse. Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the user can adjust the width of columns by using the mouse.

Programmatic filtering

When trying to change any values located within the Feature Set (1), it is important to note that you must click the Apply button in order for your changes to take effect. Any changes you make in the Performance dialog (3, 4, 5, 6) will be set immediately. Closing the dialog via the “X” button on the Window, or by clicking the Close button will not cancel any setting you have made. Any changes you make in the FieldLayoutSettings (3) or FieldSettings (4) will be set immediately. The WPF XamDataGrid has a rich object model, feature set, and capabilities.

When you select a Field Layout that has been added to the XamDataGrid Objects pane, you will be presented with the Field Layout, Field Layout Settings, and Field Settings tabs. These ribbon tabs will surface common features that you can turn on and off at the selected Field Layout level. Any settings at this level will override any previous settings made on the XamDataGrid or FieldLayouts object level. The ribbon tools located on the Data Grid tab, and primary function tabs such as a Field Layout and Field, will surface many features that set properties on the XamDataGrid.

How to create DataGrid dynamically in WPF?

  1. Creating DataGrid Column at runtime and assign to DataGrid.
  2. Binding property name with DataGrid column to display a property value in the DataGrid cell.
  3. Adding cell style in the DataGrid at runtime.
  4. Adding trigger into DataGrid at runtime.

At run-time, the property resolution logic will resolve the property value to non-null value. When you select a Field that has been added to a Field Layout in the Fields pane, you will be presented with the Field and Field Settings tabs. These ribbon tabs will surface common features that you can turn on and off at the selected Field level. Any settings at this level will override any previous settings made on the parent Field Layout object level.

Massive datasets are never a problem.

Filter UI view can be changed for all the columns in grid by changing FilterMode in GridFilterControl by writing style and assign it to SfDataGrid.FilterPopupStyle. View filtering can be achieved by setting SfDataGrid.View.Filter delegate. You can refresh the view by calling SfDataGrid.View.RefreshFilter method.

  • The Data Grid ships with both a design-time and runtime Conditional Formatting Rule Editor – so you and your users can create, edit, and delete format rules as and when needed.
  • The default design-time experience will take the developer a very long way in their configuring of a XamDataGrid.
  • Unlike single-select tools, the Multi-select tools will remain open to allow you to set multiple values.
  • And yes, you can customize our pre-built application themes with the free DevExpress WPF Theme Designer.
  • Instead of the default context menu style (shown above), the built-in dialog control can be used for a different look/behavior (shown below).
  • The ShowPrintPreviewWindow and ShowPrintPreviewPopup methods provide print preview capabilities.

If the latest version does not support the IDE or framework that you’re using, please write to us at and request the an evaluation version that suits your requirements. Deliver elegant, touch-enabled WPF applications using the platform you know and love. The WPF Subscription helps you leverage your current investments and address customer needs via a comprehensive range of WPF controls that support touch on Windows 10. Users can also render grid content to paper just like a traditional WYSIWYG report designer or export data to multiple file formats. With our feature-complete API, you and your users can save data as PDF, XLS, XLSX, MHT, CSV, HTML, RTF, DOCX, TXT or as an Image file.

Invokes the CancelEditCommand command for the cell or row currently in edit mode. Invokes the BeginEdit command, which will place the current cell or row into edit mode. Gets a collection that contains all the columns in the DataGrid. Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the row details can scroll horizontally. When you need to change the appearance of the GridFilterControl for a particular column, GridColumn.FilterPopupStyle and GridColumn.FilterPopupTemplate properties are used.

What is the difference between DataGrid and DataGridView in WPF?

The DataGrid control is limited to displaying data from an external data source. The DataGridView control, however, can display unbound data stored in the control, data from a bound data source, or bound and unbound data together.

Data virtualization is enabled by setting the grid’s ItemsSource property to an instance of VirtualizingCollection. When asynchronous data loading is enabled, the call to fetch the data items is made on background thread which is then synchronized with main UI thread once request is complete. The SearchControl provides powerful search capability, providing end-users with an easy to use UI for finding items in the datagrid’s cells. Users can search forwards or backwards, and use keyboard shortcuts. Works with Master/Detail views, collapsed groups, and also with data virtualization enabled.

The XamDataGrid Control Configurator is a visual tool that enables the developer to configure an Infragistics WPF XamDataGrid control with a real-time preview of the control as it is being configured. This topic explains how to use the Control Configurators to configure the XamDataGrid control. All general features and information on how to update the Control Configurators, are covered in the Getting Started with Control Configurators topic. We recommend that you execute the above example code and try some of the other properties and events of DataGrid. Occurs when the user begins dragging a column header by using the mouse. Scrolls the DataGrid vertically to display the row for the specified data item.

With only one line of code per line of detail, our Data Grid allows you to construct master-detail layouts of any complexity – with multiple nesting levels and multiple details at each level. You are never limited to how information is displayed for detail records – Detail Rows can display information as your needs dictate. You can specify appropriate validation rules and limit the values that can be entered into individual fields. Use the visualization power of the grid to provide user feedback when data does not pass rule tests. Once a user has configured the DataGrid to his or her liking, they can invoke the our WPF Report Designer from the grid control and instantly generate ad-hoc reports based on the contents of the grid itself.

FlexGrid offers Excel-like row and column freezing and pinning. This allows users to keep rows and columns in view as they navigate the content of the WPF datagrid. The datagrid has automatic and manual cell merging capabilities. Cells with identical text can automatically be displayed as one larger horizontal or vertical cell (or both).

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From ADO.NET and Entity Framework (EF) Core to OData and WCF data services (and everything in between) the grid can consume data from any source. Yes, our grid control fully supports Visual Studio .NET data objects and can easily bind to an Excel item source or any data object that implements IList/IEnumerable interfaces. DevExpress DataGrid is a high-performance XAML grid control for WPF platform. The grid ships with dozens of high-impact features so you can easily manage data and display it on-screen as business needs dictate. The datagrid allows users to select multiple items or cells using Left-Click and then dragging the mouse within the datagrid.

Create live datagrid displays and dashboards with automatic updates. Show stock prices and other rapidly updating information in your datagrid. One of the main strengths of FlexGrid is the ability to customize every aspect of the appearance of the entire grid and individual cells. Easily embed sparklines, images, ratings, or any UI element in the cells. Experience the DevExpress difference and see why your peers consistently vote our products #1. With our Universal Subscription, you will build your best, see complex software with greater clarity, increase your productivity and create stunning applications for Windows, Web and your Mobile world.

You can see the namespace is DataGridWPFIllustrated, and so you know that I named my project DataGridWPFIllustrated. A handy feature of the ribbon tab group is the ability to launch a dialog that provides extended functionality related to a particular group. Multi-select tools are very similar to single-select tools in that they show multiple options to choose from.

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Define and data bind columns in XAML, following Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) best practices, or code completely in C# or VB.NET. DevExpress engineers feature-complete Presentation Controls, IDE Productivity Tools, Business Application Frameworks, and Reporting Systems for Visual Studio, Delphi, HTML5 or iOS & Android development. Whether using WPF, ASP.NET, WinForms, HTML5 or Windows 10, DevExpress tools help you build and deliver your best in the shortest time possible. You can take advantage of predefined format rules or create custom rules as needed. The Data Grid ships with both a design-time and runtime Conditional Formatting Rule Editor – so you and your users can create, edit, and delete format rules as and when needed. You can specify a theme when you ship your app or allow end-user to modify the look and feel of your WPF application on the fly.

wpf advanced datagrid

As field Layout values are set, the XamDataGrid UI will update to reflect the changes. To enable or disable Auto Arrange in the Control Configurator, select the FieldLayout and then click the Auto Arrange toggle button in the Ribbon to enable or disable this feature. I am working on a C# UWP application and have implemented a DataGrid into a page where I want the user to be able to enter metadata about uploaded files in bulk they will later upload to a server.

What is the difference between DataGrid and DataGrid?

A Grid is a control for laying out other controls on the form (or page). A DataGrid is a control for displaying tabular data as read from a database for example.